Down to earth, a little bit silly and genuinely friendly.

Thriving on organization and being early to things, but loves to celebrate every silly little moment in life. (Like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back!) All it takes is daily dose of hustle and a whole lot of grace. I am here to cheer you on!

I serve female entreprenuers who want to leave a legacy of a purpose-filled and intentional life face-to-face in a world of consistency being plugged in. With 12 years of experience in administrative/office manager positions, managing social media – writing and scheduling Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts. In additional to managing client’s calendars and email, appointments, and travel arrangements. I love my mompreuners more!

My Favorite Things:

  • I start my mornings with dance parties and coffee.
  • I love fresh flowers – tulips and peonies, please.
  • 90’s hip hop and outlaw country.
  • Prosecco is always the answers and red velvet cupcakes are my weakness.
  • I believe football is a season and scheduling your wedding (baby shower, etc.) around that schedule.
  • Ronald McDonald House is a place the built me.

Most of all, I love to meet new people.