June Goals | 2017

This past few weeks have been busy and I am behind in posting and updating you on my goals.

Here is a recap of progress in May:

May Monthly Goals:

  • Photoshop course 
  • Finish free online health course
  • Read 2 books  finished reading a couple I previously started and two new ones – Outliers, Wild and Free,  A man called Ove, 48 Days to the work you love
  • One person to join me in a beach body challenge (workout and shakeologyVirtual Assistant Client
  • Mom’s big party! – CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS

May Weekly Goals:

  • Social Media Free Weekends
  • Send a card/post card to a friend Weekly phone calls instead
  • Plan IG and Blog Post

May Daily Goals:

  • Drink more water
  • Reading Plan for the book of Psalm
  • Eat more veggies

I was able to get a few things done last month among spending lots of time with friends and family.

June goals are simple. I did my mid-year refresh this month and I want it to be all about having fun. Cultivating JOY!

June Monthly Goals:

  • Fruitful Summer Fun List – Follow along on Instagram to see what I cultivate in my relationships and the garden I am putting in at my dads house.
  • Reading – Exodus and no limits on books
  • Prayer/Meditation – new season of life
  • Family time – visit cousins and time with my Dad (golfing, garden, cleaning)
  • Tend to the garden (jalapeño peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes, chocolate mint)
  • Podcast – listen weekly
  • Love others (phone calls, postcards, cards, text, gifs)
  • Workout and Shakeology
  • Gratitude

Cheers to a Fruitful Summer!!

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