Faith: Cultivating Faith

“Big decisions often don’t amount to much, but little decisions sometimes transform everything.” – Joyce Meyer

My faith is my anchor. It is what keeps me going in the messy of life. I grew up in a Christian home and always believed Jesus as my savior. I asked him to come into my life when I was a young teenager. The importance of time spent cultivating my faith and relationship has become more important the older I grow.

It was in 2010 that I really asked God to be in full control of my life. That I would really step out in obedience to Him. I am who I am today because of His faithfulness.

God works in the smallest details. With the busy of helping take care of my ill mom and being a nanny for sweet AG, each day has a surprise. All you mama’s know that with a baby your schedule works around them. If you take care of an ill parent, than you know it has its own set of challenges.

The write the word journal is a simple way to stay connected to God. What I love most about the new 2017 collection is each volume has a theme. No matter what season of life you are in there is something for you. My friends over at Cultivate What Matters out did themselves with these beauties!

Read more about each theme at Cultivate What Matters. If you buy the full collection for a limited time you’ll also receive a set of Faith Encouragement Postcards.

These journals keep me clinging to all-knowing, consistent and ever patient God. You’ll start by writing what day it is – I usually write something like rainy and beautiful or joyful. It is really whatever I am feeling that day. The new collection of journals also give you a space for the word for the day. EEK I am so excited for this change.

There is a selected verse for you to read and write out. If you don’t understand the verses there are some great commentaries to help you. Also try changing to different versions of the bible. Some will break it down a little easier to understand. Try…New Living Translation, English Standard Version, or Contemporary English Version.

The back page gives you a page to write anything on your heart. Prayers or how you are feeling that day. Anything you just need to let go of that may or may not be related to the scripture that day.

You don’t have to write anything you can draw it or water-color paint. This is for you to cultivate your faith. Get Messy!

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