Monday Note: Pura Vida

Blowing Rock, NC

Hello Friends,

I am in Texas and have internet again. I am getting settled in between the places I’ll be staying during my time here. A little Monday note:

Pura Vida. The term has been present in Costa Rican dialect for some 50+ years. Pura Vida has a simple English translation but a far more profound meaning to the people of Costa Rica and anyone spending any amount of time in this majestic country. Pura vida. Pronounced POO-rah VEE-dah, in English means, “Pure Life”.

No matter what your current situation is, life can be worse for others. Consider maybe yours isn’t that bad and no matter how little or much you have, we are all in it together.


2 thoughts on “Monday Note: Pura Vida”

  1. Hope alls going well with your move home
    Just thinking about you!! Those words so
    True., thanks for the share!!

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