2017 Goals


First, I want to apologize for my lack of writing. I have been completely unmotivated over the past couple of years. I forgot what fired me up and why I wanted to start a blog. I wanted time off and no pressure of an online presence. So, I stepped back from everything when I moved.

I took a big leap of faith 4 years ago when I moved to North Carolina. Maybe it was just to find myself, who knows. However, 2016 was filled with amazing new friendships, reconnecting with friends and spending more time with my parents.  I don’t know what 2017 holds for me but it will be filled with success, love and happiness.

When I sat down with my sold out Powersheets this year I wanted to make it fun, filled with photos of stuff I love and stickers and lots of color. I wanted the pages to be filled with simplicity, adventure, confidences, and fearlessness. I want to…

  • Travel to some place new
  • Try a new workout
  • Self care
  • Simplify
  • Take more photos
  • Love others well

This year my word is BRAVE.

I am not a big resolutions girl but much more a fan of goals. What are you 2017 goals? How can I help you meet them?




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