Summer Goals | 2016


School is out and summer is almost here, let make this summer intentional loving our families well. Last chance to head over to the Lara Casey Shop for PowerSheets sale, ends today. code: SUMMERGOALS

I just did a partial refresh on my big year goals, so my tending list reflected. Moving to a new city and taking on new adventures changed my big picture goals (just a little). You may need to refresh you goals. Write down what is working for you and what is not.

Do more of what is working. Create a vision board on Pinterest or on paper with pictures from magazines that fire you up. Do more of what fires you up!

My Summer Goals:

  • Read all the books. Every time I pick the books I want to read and set them aside, I never want to read those when it actually comes time. So, I am keeping it simple and just going to read all.
  • Personal development. Online webinars. Online courses. There are several free online course programs offered. Below are sites to some free online course.
  • Working out with Piyo 6 days per week. Team Beachbody. If you are interested in being workout buddies, let me know.
  • Plenty of rest. I always feel so much better when I have 8 hours of sleep. Although, I know thats not possible every day.
  • Update budget. Tax prep. Nancy Ray Contentment Challenge.
  • Create a bucket list. Personal and family bucket list.
  • Gratitude. Grace. Love. Pray continuously. Spend time in God’s word.
  • Pool time
  • New adventures
  • Intentional living in the summer. Less screen time more face to face time.
  • Love others well.

My biggest summer goal is to live intentional, growing and loving the people in my life well. I will be updating you on my reading list throughout the summer.

What are your summer goals?

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