Honest Products Update

honest products

I just wanted to update you on my honest product usage. I have used for about 4 months and I have tried around 20 of the products. I absolutely love the conveniences this provides and if I had a baby I would be completely interested in trying some of the other products. I will keep a few things on order but will replace the rest by trying other products. Who knows I may come back to a few of these.

Keep: I will continue to order these items. 

  • Hand soap – I love the foam. All the scents are great. Nice amount of foam.
  • Multi-Surface cleaner – It works great, love this stuff. It even smells good.
  • Bubble bath – I love the bubbles. I always complain about some never giving me enough and this does.
  • Dish soap – I like the soap. It does not seem as abrasive on my hands. YAY!!
  • Honest oxy boost – LOVE this stuff.
  • 4 in 1 laundry packs – Love the laundry packs.
  • Tampons

Neutral: I will order these items, as needed. If I find something else I like better I may switch them out. 

  • Bath cleaner – Smells great and cleans but not sure the level of clean in the shower. No rings or grim, just uncertain.
  • Healing balm – Is a keeper. Its greasy but it works great!
  • Glass cleaner – I don’t have much to say about it other than it cleans the mirrors. A clean product I don’t mind keeping.
  • Body oil – I like the body oil, its basic but the package works great. Usually products are a big mess with oil but this works great.
  • Powder – Its powder. Tried it for my second day hair and I prefer dry shampoo. It great, if you need powder for anything. I just don’t use powder often.
  • Body lotion – I actually never used the lotion, because I had a full bottle of something else already. May be something I try later.
  • Body wash/shampoo – I actually do really like this but I am certainly interested in trying other vegan/cruelty free products.
  • Lip balm – Why is lip balm that keeps your lips moist so hard to find. Is it just me? I’m sticking with bag balm but this has been great to grab at work in my desk or my purse.
  • Gel hand sanitizer – A little goes a very long. I don’t dislike and my mom actually uses this, I just don’t keep sanitizer on me.
  • 3 in 1 facial towelettes – Neutral.
  • Toothpaste – Neutral.

Replacing: Items I did not care for and will be replacing.


  • Toilet cleaner – It is not my favorite. The smell is good, but it is a gel and it sits exactly in the spot you put it. It’s hard to get a good line around the ring or the spot you are wanting.
  • Dishwasher pods – I have had to re-wash the dishes a couple of times. Not my favorite, so I’ll be searching for something new.
  • Deodorant – Horrible. It had a bit of sting and did not work.

I am neutral on a lot of the items. I don’t think they are bad, I just don’t love them and want to see what else is out there. This is new and I am doing a lot and testing out chemical free products.

Any recommendations of products to try or companies I should look into?



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