Monday Note

ocean view
Laguna, CA

Good Morning!! I hope you had a great weekend. Here’s what you need to know:

1. My goals are almost finished, so I will be sharing them this week.

2. I dumped the last box from my move into my living room floor and I found so many great pairs of earrings #winning (wait, do people still say that?! I’ll have to post some). Also, that means I am finally unpacked. It’s time to do final decor touches and share photos.

3. I decided to become a beachbody coach, so you will see more of my journey coming. I am doing Piyo and LOVE IT!

4. You will see some changes in style and post topics. I was focused on the wrong things and trying to make an image instead of being myself. Someone once criticized everything I posted and its been hard to recover. I am doing a bunch of research on products from fashion, beauty, household cleaning and food.

5. You are awesome! You can do it! (Just a little Monday pep talk)

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