Family Service Project

Brunch at RMH
Serving brunch at Ronald McDonald House

Serving others is essentially love in action. Kids learn best by experiencing life with you. So, its important for your family to serve others together. If you are a single parent or a grandparent raising a child, remember God looks at all configurations of family as beautiful. Serving together also builds a bond within the family. It can help your child learn to give back and embrace generosity. – not just take or be handed.

Talk about needs around your children. I am sure if you ask them they know someone in need. Keep the conversation simple. You can jot down what they say and review the list with them. Pick one or two things that you can help with in a practical way.

After you choose something, pick a date and put it on the family calendar. Again, keep it simple and fun! Be sure to take a photo and frame it. Display in your child’s room. The photo will serve as a tangible reminder to live a life of service.

I have personally be volunteering since I was a girl. It is something that I value and will continue to do with my family.

Tell me one way you can server others?

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