We all have dreams, ambitions and goals for our lives. We want to take action and create a plan to turn dreams into reality. What if… we were to protect them. To protect what God has planted in our hearts.

A good friend told me that I can’t share what God has shared with me with everyone. God doesn’t ask us to explain (ugh…over analyze) our dreams or to develop them. He ask us to protect them and allow Him to work.

We have season that are for action, but we also have very crucial seasons that are for protecting and cultivating.  It is in these season of cultivating that will release us into season of action.

Like Mary, she knew Jesus was marked by God, but a lot of the details were still a mystery. She had moments of small glimpses of heaven’s plan revealed to her. She didn’t take action. She did not plaster it all over social media. She stored it in her heart. She carried around the collected clues from God’s promise for 30 years. She did what she was called to and had no evidence of how it would unfold. In every aspect of her action she protect the promise and God worked the miracle.

Although, we live in a different culture these are still true today. Protect what God has put inside of you and work from the inside, this will unlock the door to everything God has promised. He will far exceed any exceptions.

At very young age I was a leader. I wanted to own a company. I wanted to make an impact on others. These things are still true today but they look a little different. I graduated from college and snagged a great full-time job in corporate America. I knew it was not what God had for me. I tried to make it happen. I chased the corporate ladder, always being left empty and disappointed.  Fast forward…

I am taking the leap into becoming a Beachbody Coach. I want to inspires others to live a healthy and fabulous life. I will be sharing my journey on social media and how it is changing my life. This is part of my story, cultivating the seeds God has planted in me. I will protect them until they are a reality.

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