The Honest Company


In the past couple of years I decided to change to a more healthy lifestyle. A huge part of that for me is finding chemical free beauty and cleaning products. I see The Honest Company on social media and decided to try the products. I have used the products for 3 months now and I am loving them. They smell great, too!

I am incorporating the following into my daily lifestyle: healing balm, toothpaste, all-purpose cleaner, 4-1 laundry packs, dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher packs, multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. Feminine products included.

I do the essential bundle for $35.95 per month. Prior to my shipment I switch out what I don’t need and add something I haven’t tried. I also add to my monthly bundle a couple of more products. I love the easy of ordering household items and having them shipped to me.

I am still early in finding products that are the best fit for me. If you are looking to switch and not sure where to start – You can try the essentials for $5.95 (shipping charges). Additionally, you can purchase some of the cleaning products at Target.

This is my own personal journey and experience with product searching. I am not saying all products are bad and you are doing life wrong. My healthy life is going to look different from yours. Since chemicals can have different effects on people, this me sharing part of my story.



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