May Goals | 2016

The Azalea’s are in bloom!
I love May, mostly because of the beautiful flowers it brings. Its the last chance for cooler temperatures before the summer heat arrives.

At the end or beginning of each month I sit down with my Powersheets and write out what the month before was like and what I accomplished. Then, I write down what I want to cultivate for the new month.

This is not an endorsement! I am just a huge fan of the Powersheets. I love them because it’s a simple goal writing process. It helps me break it down and keep track of my progress. It’s not about checking all the boxes. I can get creative and draw, color, put stickers, paint or glue inspiration into my sheets. And one of my favorite parts; they allow me to celebrate the wins! If you’ve tried traditional goal setting and it hasn’t worked for you, I highly recommend giving Powersheets a try.  Get messy!

I am adjusting to life in a new city, quite nicely.  My April goals were pretty simple – read a book, post on ig daily, workout 2-3 times per week, update budget, go hiking, send a text, and love others. I did most of this list, sometimes I skip the workout.

This month I am going to add back working on small business dreams. My May goals are…


  • Workout: Run 2-3 days per week, Squats and Abs alternate
  • Read: 2 fun books
  • Update capsule wardrobe for summer – recycle used clothing
  • Clear the clutter – give away, donate, trash


  • Take one online webinar
  • Look for a new camera
  • Read: 7 habits of highly effective people
  • Branding: colors, style, mission (update)
  • New portraits

Cheers to a great month!


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