Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


My mom is seriously so hard to shop for because she goes and buys what she wants and needs. Shopping is her hobby or used to be. I think she has found a new love and addiction for amazon prime. Below is a little about my mom’s current situation, we are of course hopeful for a recovery. I wanted to look into gifts a little different.

Recently over the past several years my mom has slowly lost her ability to walk and not sure if she will walk again. She requires a lot of help around the house and my dad is amazing. For three years she has tested for numerous symptoms but still no changes. Doctors and specialist are unable to find the issue. She has a hole in her back and they will be meeting with a Neurologist soon. ALS is not ruled out. I am thankful the ALS foundation of Texas has been so great and helpful to her.

  1. I love flowers and most people do not buy for themselves. Flowers above from FTD Flowers 
  2. Southern Slang is my fav. Gone Shopping Bag from Draper James
  3. Joanna Gains signature soy candle from Magnolia Market
  4. The Life Handbook from Lara Casey Shop (Gave this to mom for Christmas and she LOVED IT!) The Write the Word Journal is also another favorite.

What are some of your favorite mothers day gifts?



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