Coffee, cardio and lots, lots of coffee! 

It’s Monday friends, I hope you had a weekend filled with the stuff that makes you happy.

My morning cup of joe this morning, I spent time thinking about how God continues to work in my life. I can see all the answered prayers. Timing is everything.

I had some great conversations with friends this past Friday on life purpose and why we have to go through certain things.  When God answers our prayers in dramatic fashion, we grow in the knowledge of His power and care. When God works on His schedule instead of yours, you come to know more about His sustaining power. And when God says no and your dreams die or perhaps you lose someone close to you, you will come to know the God of all comfort who weeps with you.

The season of waiting…I knew it was His plan for my life. Why was I sitting around having to wait and the door kept closing.  Then you get the yes. Waiting for God’s perfect timing. When we are chosen, he has big plans for us and it’s hard when those promises don’t seem to be being filled. He picked you and chose you not by fault. Then years later those promises are being filled.

Think about the moments in your life you thought were coincidence. Chances are that you can look back and see God at work and that what you thought was a coincidence was really a divine appointment God scheduled for you.

More importantly, you should keep yourself available for those divine appointments because God will schedule them again.
Be bold in your faith and instead of waiting for God to bring those “coincidences” into your life, be proactive and ask God to bring these moments into your life more frequently.

Remember, there is no such thing as a coincidence when you fully make yourself open to being used by God.
Do you recall a time when you experienced a coincidence? How did you see God at work in this situation?

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