Travel Diary: Shannon, Ireland

IMG_2669 (1)

Travel is truly the only thing that can make you richer. Ireland had the heart of my 30th year. My first complete flight was from Shannon, Ireland to Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the place I had my first Guinness. It’s the place friendships began and a relationship tore apart.

Shannon or Shannon Town, named after the river near which it stands, is a town in County Clare, Ireland. It is a satellite town of the nearby city of Limerick, and was given town status on January 1, 1982.


Shannon Bridge was also known as the Whistling or Whining or Singing Bridge as after constriction wind would blow though the gaps under the bridge making a whistling sound. This has now been remedied. It was opened on May 30, 1988. This is the last bridge on the Shannon River.

In 2014 there was a controversial debate in the Limerick City Council brought about by Councillor Pat Kennedy to rename this bridge the John F Kennedy bridge after the American President who visited Limerick in 1963.


The Dockers Monument is located on Bishops Quay (opposite Cloughessys pub) and was unveiled on the 18th June 2010. The Sculpture was commissioned by Limerick city council to celebrate the contribution of the dock labourers in Limerick.

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