Godly Parenting Part 2

We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to produce “successful” kids, and there is no question parenting is a lot of work. But, what exactly is our role in the process?

As it applies to the whole family not just parenting, we are teachers. We are Gods representatives in the family, in a crucial role.

You cannot force you kids to be godly people, but you can be a godly parent. Use your children’s experience, your example and gentleness to ‘plant and water’ your kids and surrender the results to God.

He will grow your children to His design. Although, it is difficult to surrender our own plans for our kids, it is His will they grow less dependent on us and more dependent on Him.

Our biggest fear as parents is failure. When you are praying for Gods will for your children, you have nothing to fear.

I bet most of you have faith stories of God’s provision that still give you goose bumps when you tell them. I encourage you to tell those stories to our kids.

As a family, you are going to face enemies outside the home — angry people, pride, greed, and a culture that condones sin. Remind your kids of God’s power to overcome all these things by sharing examples of His faithfulness. When we forget where our hope is based, we are more open to attack from outside.

Remember God and His provision for you, and tell your kids about it, so they can draw their strength from the same deep well.

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