The Gap


Patience is the decision to move at someone else pace rather than pressure him or her to match yours – Andy Stanley

Patience can be defined in a lot of ways. If you are like me, you want to pick your own pace. You can ask people who know me well and some will say that I have so much patience that they don’t understand. Others you ask will tell you that I am impatient. I guess when we He shows us the promise its hard to wait for that blessing. Although, I do know He will exceed my expectations.

Patience is the time that exist in the gap between the problem and solution. We want things in our time. It’s hard for us to wait for other people. In the gap…don’t miss God right where you are at this moment. He want something to change in your heart before you can receive what blessing he has promised you. His promises belong to you. Go to the place he told you and blessings will follow.

I feel like I am constantly waiting but I can look back and see all the answered prayers. We all have memories of answered prayers and God’s work in our lives. We are all faced with trials, it can be easy to focus on our fear rather than remembering how God has provided for us in the past. Write down each time you experience God’s grace. God knows what you and your children need. When we pray, He is at work answering those prayers, but in a way that suits Him and His work. Faith trust the wisdom of His answer, even when His answer is different from what we expect.

You can offer strength and encouragement by sharing your story with your children and others. God looks different from the world around us. Remember the choices you make today define your tomorrow.


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