Lemons in Life


I love this saying: “Beautiful people don’t just happen”

It’s true friends, they don’t just happen. Beautiful people make choices to love others. They choose kindess. In a lot of circumstance they have been hurt and over come the heartache. I won’t lie, there have been times in my life that I haven’t treated people well and I am sorry.

I have had my fair share of heartache. I’m not talking about getting dumped, yes those can hurt, too. I’m talking about name calling, get yelled at for things others have done, “friends” criticizing everything you do and why, fear, failure, guilt. I am taking about those unanswered prayers. Those things you want so bad because you feel they are right. You try everything and feel like you are making the right choices and things don’t seem to get better.

When you are suffering God is not punishing you. I know it may feel like that and you might feel like the heartache is never going to end. You are about to give up…don’t. Fear doesn’t win. Guilt doesn’t win. Failure doesn’t win.

Remember beautiful people don’t just happen. Life is full of lemons but it’s how you respond that makes all the difference. Sit back and laugh without fear of the future.


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