New City, New Adventure

I have officially moved and on my second week at the new property. I went from unsure of having an apartment and start date to calling uhaul in a matter of hours. I am beyond grateful for finding an apartment that I love and friends who helped me move.

I don’t have Internet and I am currently typing this post on my phone. My apartment is a work in progress. Lucy’s sleeping and eating schedule has been uninterrupted. So she’s good and adjusting well.

My favorite part of moving is getting rid of stuff that no longer serves purpose and finding a happy home for it. Oh and all the redecorating I get to do. That’s another series.

I am loving this new city. I love getting to walk to downtown for arts and food. Everything is reasonably close and there is baseball across the street. There are so many dog friendly place and a ton of outdoor seating.

I am thankful for the first three years in the “Triangle”. The purpose for me being there was fulfilled. I had a great job that was supportive and I met a handful of amazing people. It was never going to live up to the expectations of Texas for me. I knew I wouldn’t be there long.
I am excited for the new adventure is the “Piedmont” and the blessings that follow. I can’t wait to discover and share this city with you.
It takes a lot to move away from family, friends and everything you know. It’s a major adjustment but it’s been worth the gray hair and wrinkle. (Yes, singular ;)) Every moment has been worth it and here I am starting over again.

I’m not brave. The behind the scenes is a lot of praying and crying. It’s also a lot of jumping up and down, sqeeling, hugs and laughing over answered prayers. I try to make the most of it and know that everything will be okay.

I’ll be back to posting about Ireland next week,    since my move changed my online schedule.

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