Making the Leap


After five years I still had the impulse, every ten to twelve months, to find a new home. Spaces became too familiar, too elastic, too accommodating. Boredom and exasperation would set in. And though of course nothing really changed from one roof to another, I liked to harbor the illusion that small variations occurred within, that with each move something was being renewed.” ― Chloe Aridjis, Book of Clouds

It’s moving time again, I am so excited for the next adventure. The past three years in North Carolina have and have not been what I expected. Things do not happen by chance – they happen entirely by the decree of God. There is a lost love story that got me here and He is working out His own purpose for me.

I have asked, “why is God allowing this to happen?” The thing is that I look back over the last few years and see how I have been shaped I get the why. It also makes the present a lot more magical because I can see His hand in every part.

Including providing a new job in a new city that was very unexpected. I knew I would be moving about a year ago and when I gave my notice a few weeks ago I had no idea where I was going. I also didn’t think that I would know until much later date and it was such a pleasant surprise. I cried tears of joy that day I got the news.  I expect more tears in the coming days of pure gratitude for this journey and what lies ahead.

*It may be a week or so before I am back online with the move. See you soon!



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