Trusting in the invisible


Because on Monday’s I love to give out little pep talks. I am always preaching to myself these same words.

God never forgets His promises. Though it may take time to see them come to fruition, don’t ever forget God is a promise keeper. He does what he says He will do, in His timing and in His own special way. Jesus is the righteous branch that sprouted from David’s line and His arrival was worth the wait.

Waiting is a way to hone our hearts. We need to remember we serve a God that sees the beginning from the end, and when our timetable clashes with His, the delay is due to His goodness.

Will we trust what we can see is there, or believe what God says is there? Its a decision we are confronted with continuously. Making the choice to see the invisible is not always dramatic. Sometimes its low-key, and that’s when it can be the most difficult.


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