Three years ago today


THREE YEARS AGO TODAY, I loaded the u-haul and left everything I knew. Okay my parents loaded the u-haul, but I worked that day and then we set out on the almost 1200 mile journey.

I had no idea what I was going to do when I arrived but I had a place to live and knew that God was asking me to go to North Carolina, he would provide.

My parents left that Wednesday after making sure my apartment was completely set and I didn’t need anything before they left. I made a phone call that afternoon to a temp agency that did placement for residential property management. I met with them Friday and they set me for an interview in Chapel Hill the following Monday. I was extended a job offer the next day. Just like that…provided.

Some of the best opportunities in life involve risk – the very real possibility of rejection, embarrassment, or failure. It takes a lot of courage to take the leap and face the possibilities of consequences. I can promise that choosing to pursue these opportunities comes with no shortage of discouragers- people to rain on your parade and argue on how you should be doing life. These “doom-and-gloom” people can be pretty persuasive, especially if you aren’t surrounded with people who love, support and encourage you.

My story begins before now but this is the part where it gets really good. Find the people who are going to cheer you on and hang on tight.



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