Daring Faith


Let’s talk about faith and comparison for a minute. We live in a world with instant access to someones highlight reel. We can get stuck in the comparison trap, thinking that our blessings are in limited supply. If you find yourself in this moment thinking about what you don’t have or scrolling instagram comparing yourself to others — STOP!

Know that God has a set plan for your life and he will prepare you for it. Trust in his provisions and the hardest part – trust in his timing! Your story is unique to you and there is things that only you will understand. Don’t wear someone else’s armor.

You don’t have to waste your time trying to look like someone else, taking their style or copying their design. You are an original, fearfully and wonderfully made. Dare to stand out. Rise above.

Daring faith frees you to be who God called you to be, not an imitation of someone else.


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