10 Little Ways to Kick Butt This Year


There is nothing magical about January 1. – Lara Casey

Little Ways to Kick Butt This Year.

  1. Make your e-mail password work for you. “NewJob2016” This will help drill a goal into your brain.
  2. Turn off the TV during dinner. Studies prove people inhale 40 % more food in front of the tube than the table.
  3. Send a card to your grandma (or any family member).
  4. Make a romantic ritual. Breakfast for dinner on your anniversary date each month, or take a walk every Sunday afternoon.
  5. Force it for 15 minutes. Cleaning your closet, you can clean for 15 minutes chances are after that you won’t just walk away because you are too far in.
  6. Create a vision board. Pinterest is a great way of doing that, if not cut out things you like or want to do as a goal and reminder.
  7. Move crap out of your bedroom. When it’s filled with clothes, books and stuff you need to deal with, its hard to relax and enjoy. Sex and sleep, the only two things the room is used for.
  8. Look forward to your commute. If you can try taking an alternate route through a neighborhood you enjoy the view.
  9. Change your desktop screen saver regularly. Photos that inspire you and constantly moving forward to your dreams.
  10. Pay for everything in cash. Seeing the money leaving will help to kick some of those spontaneous splurges.


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